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Malmesbury charity Heals is helping young people get online to assist with their school

work and remote studying, supported by Malmesbury IT Services Company Atema Ltd and the Co-op. The charity is asking for donations of unwanted IT equipment for repair and ten local families have already been helped and more is needed. "Too many local young people are doing their school work on their parents’ phones or are relying on the post. That is unfair,” said Cllr Gavin Grant, Chair of Heals‎ ​Heals is working with Atema to upgrade donated unwanted laptops and tablets, wiping clean of all personal data and delivering to families who need them. Where necessary, Atema is also helping families connect to the internet. Atema co-founder and former Heals Trustee Andy Pointer said "Old laptops and tablets lying about collecting dust can be brought to life to help our local young people. ‎For every four donated computers, we can quickly make one work really well." We are also contacting schools in our area to let them know we can help their pupils who need to get online," Cllr Grant added. Coop Member Pioneer Coordinator Sherry Tolson, who organised the supermarket’s involvement, hopes the donations could also give some elderly residents the opportunity to connect remotely to family member and friends, once the needs of school children have been met. “Please drop off any IT equipment at the Coop, or if you live further afield, please contact me via our Facebook page ‘Brinkworth, Malmesbury and surrounding areas Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK’,” she said.

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