The community fridge project

HEALS is working with Malmesbury Town Council and the local Co-op stores to examine buying, siting and running a Community Fridge.

How will it work?

Each week our two Co-op stores will provide their fresh produce that is reaching it's "best by" date.

HEALS volunteers will collect this‎ and bring it to the Community Fridge (and potentially Community Freezer for meat, poultry and fish).

The Town Council is considering whether it can locate in the Town Hall the Community Fridge (and potentially Community Freezer).

Meanwhile potential donors are being approached to ‎fund the purchase of the Community Fridge (and Freezer).

The project team have already visited a working Community Fridge in Swindon and are speaking to other projects that are already up and running.

If we can bring this project to a successful conclusion and get a Community Fridge and Freezer up and running then it will provide free, fresh food to those who need it and cannot afford it, improve nutrition and help cut food waste in Malmesbury.
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