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HEALS of Malmesbury multifarious contribution and assistance to the local community during the pandemic, has of course been very much dependent on its volunteers and local partners, be they private or business.


A very important part of HEALS programme to equip those who need access to IT equipment, initially school children during school closures, but latterly also students and mature adults, has been Wiltshire Digital Drive. This charity which is based in Corsham and Westbury has had a hugely positive impact all over Wiltshire supplying IT equipment to those in need. This IT equipment is initially donated to Wiltshire Digital Drive as requiring updating, refurbishment, or repair, the resulting serviceable equipment has enabled many organisations as well as HEALS to have a ongoing availability of high quality laptops, supplied in a bespoke WDD bag; and when necessary, with technical back up, all at zero cost to HEALS or indeed the eventual recipients.

Wiltshire Digital Drive


"So far, Wiltshire Digital Drive has provided over 1500 computers to the community in Wiltshire."

It must also that be said that for HEALS participation with Wiltshire Digital Drive in the supply of IT equipment to our local community would not of course have been possible without the assistance provided by the team at WDD and Priority IT, including Natalie Mia Kieran et al. All thanks to them!

Richard Dodridge - HEALS of Malmesbury

25th March 2022

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