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HEALS has an Emergency Hardship Fund to help people in Malmesbury and surrounding villages who have little or no income and are facing debt or struggling to pay bills, as a result of the current crisis. We know some people in our area are struggling. Many have lost their income as businesses close. There is some Government help, but some people are slipping through the cracks, while others may have to wait for weeks or months for their cash. Many also have no savings.  Meanwhile, people need to pay essential bills or replace broken household equipment.  Our Fund will help them. We don’t want people resorting to payday loans and getting into serious debt. ‎ We’ve seen this happen to people we are now helping. They borrowed hundreds of pounds for important reasons, but now owe thousands.

Need help from the fund?

Applications for help from the Hardship Fund are open.


To apply:


Email us at 


Complete the contact form in the 'contact us' section.

Applicants will need to provide some confidential details about their current finances.  The Fund will help pay bills or make essential purchases, rather than hand out money direct to applicants. 

HOW TO DONATE to heals


Account number: 21527088

Sort Code: 40-31-07

This is a business account and when you click to verify it will confirm the match as HEALS.

Bank Transfer

Made payable to ‘HEALS'

 Please post to or drop in at Malmesbury Town Hall, Cross Hayes, Malmesbury, SN16 ‎9BZ.

Please mark your envelope "for the attention of HEALS"


If you are a UK taxpayer, please complete the Gift Aid form below and enclose it with your cheque to boost y0ur donation.

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